1. West Hollywood and Hollywood it's a very beautiful city. The fame of star, Sunset, Hollywood and Highland there is a lot of beautiful places to visit when you in Los Angeles, California , Hollywood. And also when you have a busy life style and one of your household or Commercial Appliance brakes down for some people it's a disaster! But there is no need to worry because we provide quality LG and GE repair in Hollywood and West Hollywood Areas: LG and GE it is a little complicated appliances to repair . When it comes to LG or GE Refrigerator Repair in West Hollywood we are always here to help we repair all major appliances 
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  7. GE Refrigerators required to have condenser service once every 6 months if you have pets, if no pets in household at least once a year refrigerator has to  be pulled out the metal square cover on the back is full of dust ( When any maintenance or repair to make sure to unplug the unit for your own safety). but we always recomment to call professional with experience (818)298-8165 Licensed | Insured and we do provide quality service with quality results!.
Refrigerator Repair West Hollywood

 = LG and GE Refrigerator Repair and Service of Hollywood and West Hollywood : Have a top and bottom freezer LG or Side by side. The fridge works fine but the freezer is not getting cold. It's cool, but doesn't get cold enough to make ice. Here is the story so far:

A repairman needs to come out and pull the cover inside the back wall of the freezer. Technicians found the coils had frost on the upper right hand corner but not on the whole thing.It might look look bad fan so Overnight, the freezer began working but the fridge now stopped. After installing a new fan the following day, we regained the fridge, but once again lost the freezer. 

LG refrigerator no longer blows cold air in the refrigerator or freezer compartments. You can hear the compressor click ever 5-10 minutes or so but there is no cold air. Sometimes you can feel room temperature air blow into the fridge but most of the time you get nothing. The front electronics appear to be in normal working order. The fan blowing across the coils works. The coils are clean.
The fridge was recently transported to new house on its side (only on its side for 15-20 minutes) No reason to worry we fix all problems.

refrigerator (side by side French doors) with bottom freezer. The issue is as follows:  have the display setting for the freezer set at 0F and refrigerator compartment 34F.  however, the freezer compartment will only get to about 15-22F, and the refrigerator compartment gets to 42F.  Try to  shut off power to the Frige. for 60 secs and then powered it back on (thinking it would "reset" the PCB board).  The compressor, condenser coil fan, and evaporator fan are all running. Coils are clean. You can feel air coming into the freezer compartment (back wall vents) and also the refrigerator vents.  A lot of time different problems with LG refrigerators, Experienced and Professional Technicians would solve this problem (818)298-8165 Licensed | Insured 

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