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Whirlpool appliance Repair experts service of Los Angeles and surrounding areas (818)298-8165 our experienced technicians will explain you how to do maintenance to Whirlpool Refrigerators, or Whirlpool Dryers, etc. Whirlpool Appliance Repair in Los Angeles recommends to do condenser service once every 6 month if you have pets, if you don't have any pets once a years is good enough! In Los Angeles Whirlpool Recommends to keep their refrigerator temperature to 37 degrees and Freezer section to -0 Degrees. Very Comment problem with whirlpool refrigerators when you open freezer and refrigerator door between the doors it's not supposed to be hot, if its hot service required.

We fix all major whirlpool appliances:

= Whirlpool Refrigerator Repair in Los Angeles ( We do same day service , affordable and reliable prices, all our technicians factory trained and certified by EPA.)

= Whirlpool Washer repair in Los Angeles by qualified technicians, our technicians carry 80% in their vans , it does not matter if it's a motor coupler or motor itself, or a door latch assambly, or timer , computer board, we fix em all. 

= Whirlpool Dryer repair in Los Angeles provides quality same day service within your budget, for some reason if your dryer does not heat , or does not spin, no worries call us 7 days a week (818)298-8165

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