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 Your Favorite LG front loader washer. The washer stopped and had an “LE” error message. you need to turned off the power and closed the water connections. I then waited 12 hours and drained washer, turned power on and tried again (read to do that online). Than put another load in and it begin to spin and fill with water. Then when the water got full, it would not spin and heard a small noise that sounded like a subway going through a tunnel. Sounded like the motor was trying to spin, but was getting stuck??  If it appears service requred (818)298-8165 

It doesn’t drain but makes a grinding noise. Took the drain pump out, clean, and checked the conductivity OK something 14.5 ohms. Put everything back together and same thing, tried normal and quick wash cycles on rinse and spin, drained it off the bottom plug.Any idea what’s causing the grinding and not draining. 

This is some of the codes that LG Washing Machines Might Have:

LE = overload in motor
PE = water level sensor malfunction
CE = overload in motor
FE = water overfills due to faulty water valve
PF = washer experienced power failure….restart
IE = water is not adequate , water hose bent, filter inlet hose clogged
OE = drain hose bent/clogged, drain filter clogged
UE = load is too small, load out of balance, imbalance detected
DE = door opened or not complete closed

LG Dryers: some problems that it might have: Does the start/pause button blink also? Depending on some models, go to the end of cycle button and press. That will reset washer or dryer. Then check the water filter or exit hose drain and make sure drain in no higher than 3 feet from ground (washer). Check for dirty lint filter or clogged vent pipe(dryer). dryer started taking longer and longer to dry the clothes . LG Its a super nice dryer and less then 3 years old.  No problem we need the dryer fixed  Something about it coats the sensor ?? Why was that not mentioned in any of the paperwork when we bought it ? : So my questions ?.. there is always quastions call us we always here for you (818)298-8165


LG 5.1 cu.ft. Mega Capacity Washer, TurboWasher, with Steam Technology

  • 5.1 cu. ft. Mega Capacity World Record! - buncha of towels, piles of sweatshirts, and a mountain of jeans. Go for it. The 5.1 cu. ft. Mega Capacity washer lets you do more laundry in fewer loads. That’s time saved and sore backs avoided. Energy Efficient  Safes on electrical bill in a long run
  • TurboWash Technology allows you to save 20 minutes on larger loads, with outstanding cleaning performance!
  • ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient 2012 designation in 2012.
  • Steam Technology deeply penetrates fabrics for gentle cleaning power.
  • ColdWash technology uses cold water and enhanced washing motions to penetrate deep into fabrics, giving you cold water savings with warm water performance.
  • 6Motion™ Technology - Each wash cycle combines up to 6 different wash motions to provide a revolutionary cleaning experience.
  • Allergiene™ Cycle - Give allergens the boot by using the power of steam to gently remove over 95% of common household allergens, like dust mites and pet dander from even the most delicate fabrics.
  • SpeedWash™ Cycle can have clothes clean and fresh in just 15 minutes.

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